Al Dar Islands Al Dar Island, Bahrain
Posted on August 8, 2015 / 1810
Al Dar Islands
Location : Sitra
Coordinates : 26.1305099,50.657165899999995
Phone : 17 704 600
Opening Hours

We love living on an island … but sometimes it is good to get off it! And a boat trip is a great family day out. Al Dar Islands can arrange a trip for you, as well as snorkelling, pearl diving, dolphin watching.  It’s also a great place for just hanging out at the beach, with chalets, and beach huts. (ID needed.)

The guys here organise Pearl Diving Tours – after a short trip by boat to the oyster beds (where you are given a basket, gloves and snorkeling gear), you will learn how to collect the oysters, then to open the shells and look for pearls.


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